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Monday, March 28, 2016

Joey Votto's New Batters Box Routine Is Gaining Attention

I've seen a couple stories on Joey Votto's new batters box routine on sites like Busted Coverage and Deadspin.  I was fighting off meat sweats on the couch yesterday and watching the Reds game on MLB Network when I saw Votto doing this.

I knew I should have grabbed a quick vine or Twitter video of Joey Votto when I saw his crazy new routine.  Luckily someone sent me a video.

At first the announcers, who were the Dodgers announcers, thought Votto was sick or something.  I thought he might be trying to fight off some diarrhea.

They later learned that Votto had been doing this all spring and the Reds writers were too afraid to ask him about it.  It turns out the Dodgers catcher wasn't afraid to ask and Votto reportedly told him he was thinking.