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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Goose Gossge Is Enjoying The Attention

Someone please tell the media we don't give shit what Goose Gossage thinks about anything.  He's a cranky old bastard who is enjoying the hell out of all the recent attention his comments are getting him.

The Yankees guest spring training instructor just took a shot at Cam Newton, via NY Post:

“It’s a shame, it breaks my heart to see the direction this game is going. What, do we want a bunch of Cam Newtons running around?"

What the fuck does Cam Newton have to do with bat flips?

How does Goose not remember playing with Reggie Jackson?  He's talking about this stuff like it's brand new.  They played together in the late 70s on the Yankees.

This shit isn't new to baseball you crazy son of a bitch.  Just shut up already.