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Monday, February 1, 2016

The Minnesota Twins Will Require Fans To Watch Games Inside Of A Protective Bubble

That's next!  First step they've installed protective netting behind their dugouts.  In what will likely be just the beginning of the overreaction to a handful of fans being hit with foul balls.

I have a better idea!  If you can't react to the majority of foul balls don't sit there.  And for those who can react to most foul balls, but who don't want to take the chance that they might be hit- DON'T SIT THERE!

I know there are unavoidable scenarios where someone with great reaction time will still be hit.  But that is the chance you willingly take when you sit there.

Nobody makes you sit there.  Now the expeirence for others who wish to take their chances is ruined.  Way to go Twins.

This is the same team that built an outdoor stadium in freaking Minnesota.