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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Rodney Harrison Would Try To Hurt Cam Newton If He Was Playing Against Him

Rodney Harrison's hate of the Panthers has been strong all season.  Now he's taking it to new heights saying if he was playing against Cam Newton he would try to hurt him, via Newsday:
“If I see Cam Newton running the ball and he’s a quarterback and I’m on defense, I’m trying to hurt him,” Harrison, the former Pro Bowl safety and current analyst for NBC Sports, told Newsday on Radio Row at Super Bowl 50 on Tuesday. “I’m trying to knock him out of the game.”
What a dick.  You can't beat him straight up so you try to hurt him?  Who in their right mind says that?

Is Harrison now saying the only way to beat Cam is to hurt him?  That's a different tune than the one Harrison has been singing all year.

Rodney go bang your head into a wall or something you fucking idiot.