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Friday, February 5, 2016

Peyton Manning Sent Hired Muscle To Charlie Sly's House Prior To HGH Story Coming Out

The Washington Post is reporting that a few days before Al Jazeera's HGH story about Peyton Manning and several other athletes, a couple of hired private investigators knocked on Charlie Sly's front door.
Five days before a documentary alleged that quarterback Peyton Manning and other star athletes had used performance-enhancing drugs, two men hired by Manning’s lawyers visited the parents of the documentary’s key witness. Both men wore black overcoats and jeans and, according to a 911 call from the house that evening, one initially said he was a law enforcement officer but didn’t have a badge.
Well now isn't that interesting.  Why would Manning's lawyers send PIs to the Sly home?

Did Manning's team of lawyers an PIs make Sly recant his story?  It kind of looks like they did.  It also looks likely Peyton's wife received HGH.
Manning’s lawyers launched the private probe shortly after Al Jazeera started contacting athletes who would be named in the documentary. They hired investigators to identify, locate and interrogate Sly, and sent a lawyer to examine Peyton and Ashley’s medical records at the Guyer Institute of Molecular Medicine in Indianapolis.
It looks like there might be a little more to this story.  While some of the facts of Al Jazeera's story have been proven to be false, nobody has denied or proven that Peyton's wife was sent HGH.