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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Oh, dear Abby Hornacek! You have inspired this old sportswriter


Jeff Hornacek was fired Monday as the coach of the Phoenix Suns.

I hope that someday the former NBA star gets a job with the New Orleans Pelicans and brings his gorgeous daughter with him to the Big Easy, which is just 75 miles from my hometown of Gulfport, Miss.

Abigail Marie "Abby" Hornacek is co-host of "San Diego Prep Insider" on Fox Sports Diego and is an NBA Summer League correspondent, and I never knew she existed until Tuesday night, when a friend sent me a Facebook message about her.

Abby inspired me to write this post for Krusty Sox!

She was a reporter for Fox Sports Arizona and did stories on her dad's Suns team, which has one of my favorite players, rookie guard Devin Booker, who I covered as a veteran sportswriter when he starred at Moss Point High School before going to Kentucky.

Like Abby, I'm a prep insider. I would love it if she ever got a New Orleans TV job covering high school football. I would drive to NOLA just to see her on the sidelines.

Abby majored in broadcast journalism at Southern Cal and played on the Trojans' sand volleyball team. I can only imagine what she looked like in a Trojans' sand volleyball uniform.

I couldn't find a picture of her as a USC athlete, but I did find these pictures.

Seeing this photo of Abby in a tube top makes me want to be her 64-year-old Man of Troy. She's posing with her dad. He would not want me to be his daughter's 64-year-old Man of Troy. Heh, heh!

A photo posted by Abby Hornacek (@abigailmarie33) on

Abby is eye-poping in this picture. I don't know who the young chap is, but I would like to Photoshop him out of the picture. Heh, heh!

A photo posted by Abby Hornacek (@abigailmarie33) on

Abby is quite fetching in black and white, too. Some other blogger/tweeters like me have also posted this photo. I guess we all have good taste. Heh, heh!

A photo posted by Abby Hornacek (@abigailmarie33) on

You can follow Abby on Instagram at, on Twitter at and on Facebook at

You can also see her on YouTube.

All the best to Abby and her dad!

Captain Tenacious is a writer for Guy Hut. He is retired from his newspaper sports job but has no plans to retire from the ladies.