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Saturday, February 13, 2016

MLB Is Going To Test A New Protective Helmet For Pitchers

MLB is testing a new protective helmet for pitchers during Spring Training.  Because everyone is a bitch now.

The helmet is there to protect against the .0001% chance a pitcher gets hit in the head with a batted ball.  Because we can't have any risk in anything we do any more.

It protects those pitchers who never learned how to finish in proper fielding position.  If you want to try to prevent these types of things, finishing in a proper fielding position will help to reduce the odds.

Almost all of these pitchers getting hit aren't in proper fielding position after they release the ball.  Go ahead take a look, they can't defend themselves, because they're not in position to.

Even with that, it will still happen.  But why are we trying to eliminate all risk in everything we do?  Are we going to start playing the game in bubbles now too?