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Monday, February 22, 2016

Jonathan Papelbon Wanted To Wear A "Obama Can't Ban These Guns" T-Shirt To His Press Conference

Spring training is underway, meaning baseball is back.  It also means Jonathan Papelbon is back.  And he's back to his same old self.

According to Thomas Boswell, Papelbon had to be talked out of wearing a t-shirt that read, "Obama Can't Ban These Guns" to his press conference where he apologized for choking NL MVP Bryce Harper:
Later, he walked the Nats’ complex in a cut-off muscle T-shirt with arrows pointing to big biceps covered in jagged tattoos. The shirt said: “Obama Can’t Ban These Guns.” Pap wanted to wear that shirt to the “apology press conference,” but he was talked out of it.
Does he just want people to hate him?  Is that it?

What a jackass.  Way to go out of your way to bring him back.