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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hey Panthers Fans You're Gonna Love This, The Super Bowl Replay Assistant's Wife Is A Broncos Fan

As in went to the game in full Broncos gear because they live in the Denver area.  According to Pro Football Talk, Jimmy Oldham worked the Super Bowl as a replay assistant.

Let's be real here if his wife is a Broncos fan and he lives in the Denver area then he's likely a Broncos fan.  How in the hell does a Broncos fan work as a replay assistant in the Super Bowl when the Broncos are playing?

Jimmy Oldham reportedly is a Denver-area resident. His wife donned a Broncos jersey for the game and posted a celebratory video to a public Facebook page.

A replay assistant’s potential impact on a given game is limited, especially where (as in this case) NFL V.P. of officiating Dean Blandino was in the booth. Still, it’s a bad look for the league — and it’s something that easily could have been avoided by appointing a replay assistant: (1) who doesn’t live in the Denver area; and (2) whose wife isn’t a Broncos fan.
Now I know, as PFT points out, his possible impact on the game is minimal the optics of it are terrible.  Especially for the NFL, who claims to hold the integrity of the game to the highest standards.

Yeah right.