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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Grayson Allen Walked, Got Fouled And Hit The Game Winner

Officially Grayson Allen hit the game winning shot at the buzzer for Duke to beat Virginia.  Unofficially he walked and then was fouled before he put the shot up.

It was reported that during the postgame handshake Virginia head coach Tony Bennett told Mike Kryzewski that Allen walked.  Coach K responded that Allen was fouled.

I'm not sure why Bennett felt the need to share his thoughts on the play, other than to be a dick, because coach K didn't make the call.

It's pretty simple if you're a Duke hater Allen walked.  If you're a Duke fan he was fouled.  If you're Dick Vitale you think it was an amazing shot.  If you don't care either way then it's all entertaining as hell.