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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Broncos Send Practice Squad Player Home After He Was Busted With A Prostitute, What Won't They Do To Bury The HGH Story?

The Broncos made a point to bring injured players and practice squad guys with them to the Super Bowl this year, after not doing so a couple of years ago.

One of those guys, Ryan Murphy, was questioned in a San Jose prostitution sting and sent home by the team.

What won't the Broncos do to bury the Peyton Manning HGH story?  Via ABC11:
"Although practice squad safety Ryan Murphy was not cited by police, we decided it was best for the team if we continued our preparations for Super Bowl 50 without him," Broncos coach Gary Kubiak said in a statement. "Ryan is returning to Denver but his status as a practice squad player has not changed at this time."
Nice try Denver I'm not buying your distraction.  Why is Manning's wife on HGH and how do you get busted in a prostitution sting and not get cited?

No, I really want to know about getting out of the sting.  I'm asking for a friend.