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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Anderson Silva KO'd Michael Bisping And Still Lost

Last night's UFC Fight Night 84 was not without controversy.  At the end of the third round between Anderson Silva and Michael Bisping, Silva dropped Bisping with a huge flying knee.  It definitely looked like the fight had ended and Bisping was out.

Silva turned around and put his hands up thinking the fight had ended.

It hadn't.  The referee Herb Dean didn't stop the fight and the round ended with Bisping on the mat and Silva thinking he ended the fight.

Dean has stopped fights for less and he would have stopped this one if Silva would have hit Bisping while he was out.  But that didn't happen.

The fight ended up going the full five rounds and Bisping ended up winning a 48-47 decision.  A decision that Dana White didn't agree with.  He had the fight 48-47 Silva.