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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Add Von Miller's Intentional Batted Ball To The List Of Blown Super Bowl Calls

And to the list of Manning conspiracies!

There is nothing the Manning's won't do to get their way.  I'm convinced, especially after hearing good they are at burying things and getting their way, that the Manning's purchased the Super Bowl victory.

Peyton Manning has always been made out to be the good guy to Tom Brady's villan.  Even though it was Manning not Brady who put his balls on a female trainer's face in college.

It would seem that a Super Bowl victory would complete the storybook ending for Manning.  But new details from the cover up of that incident show just how good the family is a burying the truth.

Manning had to bury this one twice after he was sued by the former trainer, who took his balls to the face, for things he wrote about her in abook.

Then comes the HGH story and hired men and witness intimidation.  Seems like a pattern with this family.

Hell they even had ESPN tell their employees not to mention the Manning balls on face story on Saturday.  So they didn't.

Now another blown Super Bowl call comes to light after Von Miller admits to illegally intentionally batting a ball.

Add this to a number of missed or bad calls, a Bronos fan working the game as a replay assistant, the fact that the Broncos are now 6-0 in Clete Blakeman officiated games and you have to wonder....did the Manning's purchase Super Bowl 50?

Or it could just be a gift from that evil bastard Roger Goodell.