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Monday, February 8, 2016

10 thoughts on the Super Bowl

First off let me say, I am a Panthers fan. Have been since '95 when they started.

That being said, here's 10 thoughts I have to say about the game that took place last night:
1.) I'm glad they gave the MVP to Von Miller instead of Peyton. Von Miller earned it.
2.) The Panthers never recovered after the fumble for a TD. Their energy was gone and never came back. Period.
3.) The commercials were garbage.
4.) Both defenses played well. Denver never got their Offense going either. They scored by rushing on a short field. Most teams would be able to do that.
5.) There were a lot of missed calls. Some that seemed like obvious offsides, pass interference and/or defensive holding that could've and should've been called.
6.) #5 isn't an excuse or reason for them losing, it's just facts. Anyone that disagrees wasn't watching the same game. Not saying those calls would've made them win, but they may have changed a couple things.
7.) If your receivers drop balls, it's damn near impossible to win or have successful drives.
8.) Missing field goals hurts. The missed ones always feel like they are in slow motion.
9.) All the people criticizing Cam for how he acted after the game haven't been paying attention all year. The dude doesn't react to good or bad things the way everyone else does. Why would you expect him to react "normally" in that situation. If you're ok with the dabbing and celebrating, then you have to be somewhat ok with how he acts when he loses. Plain and simple. You can't have one without the other.
10.) The halftime show was awkward and bad.

I am a Panthers fan for life and am proud of the season they had and they should be too. I'm excited for the direction we are headed! Let's Keep Pounding!