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Monday, January 25, 2016

The Greatest Regular Season QB Is Now 3-1 In AFC Championship Games Against The Greatest Postseason QB

With the Broncos win over the Patriots on Sunday Peyton Manning improved to 3-1 against Tom Brady in AFC Championship games.

Manning is also 3-2 against Brady overall in the playoffs.  Brady on the other hand is 8-4 against Manning in the regular season.

And here we are with our labels.  Many have called Manning the greatest regular season quarterback of all time.  While Brady is widely considered to be the greatest postseason quarterback of all time.

It is true Brady has more rings 4-1 and has played in a total of 6 Super Bowls.  Manning is preparing for his 4th Super Bowl and is the first QB to take multiple teams multiple times.

Clearly I find great joy when things like this come together.  I think we can stop with the best regular season and postseason QB nonsense.

They're both great.  That's all we need to say.  That's not to say that rings don't matter, they do, it's the labels that don't