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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Cardinals Are Going To Beat The Packers By 100

The Cardinals are just a few weeks removed from their 38-8 beat down of the Packers.  A beating that saw a struggling Aaron Rodgers get benched.

This weekend's beating of the Packers could set a playoff record for the worst beating in NFL playoff history.  The Packers aren't that good.  There is a reason ESPN has them ranked #7 in the NFL's postseason power rankings.

The Packers cute little trick of putting a receiver in the backfield isn't going to work against a real defense.  A trick they needed to use to get their offense going against the Redskins.

So how will the Packers run the ball?  No run game means you sit back and cover their sorry ass receivers who can't get open, leading to sacks of Rodgers.

Just like the Cardinals did less than a month ago.  Cardinals by 100!