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Saturday, January 23, 2016

LeBron Didn't Fire Blatt The Homeless Guy Who Told The Browns To Draft Manziel Did

I'm joking.  The homeless guy who told the Browns to draft Johnny Manziel didn't get David Blatt fired.  LeBron James did.

It would be easier to explain firing the head coach of a 30-11, first place team, if they were allowing a homeless man to make the decisions.

But they aren't they're letting LeBron make the decisions.  You can tell by how hard the Cavs and LeBron are denying it.  Also the fact that they hired his buddy Tyronn Lue and gave him an extension.

Did LeBron go to upper management and demand that Blatt be fired?  Probably not, but he didn't have to.

He did all he speaking with his actions.  His actions said I respect Lue not Blatt.  So they made the change.

Only in Cleveland.