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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Johnny Manziel Involved In Another Domestic Incident With His Now Ex-Girlfriend

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Johnny Manziel had another domestic violence incident with Colleen Crowley, his now ex-girlfriend.  And again Manziel was not arrested and Crowley refused to cooperate with police.

She called police after she was worried about Manziel, via Star-Telegram:
The preliminary investigation determined that a possible assault had occurred in that jurisdiction or multiple jurisdictions,” the release says. “The complainant was uncooperative with officers on scene,” but she was concerned about Manziel’s well-being. The release specifically refers to him as her ex-boyfriend several times. 
Fort Worth police tried to call Manziel, 23, and searched for him around the city, including with the department’s helicopter, Air One. “It was later determined by officers that the ex-boyfriend was safe and in no danger.”
When is she going to wake up?  Is she going to wait after he puts her in the hospital?  This is now the second time on record that he has become physical with her.  And now the second time he wasn't arrested.  It will probably be the second time the NFL doesn't do anything.

And we wonder why these abusive fucking idiots don't learn their lesson.