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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Danny Kanell Thinks The Broncos Should Hit Brady After The Whistle

Danny Kanell suggested that the Broncos should hit Tom Brady a couple of times after the whistle to send a message.  Actually take a couple of personal foul penalties because they called him a crybaby.  What an empty headed moron.
“I didn’t even think about this until just now. I think they have to have two personal foul calls, like 15-yarders against Brady. Like, they’ve been talking about him crying, I almost feel like this is the type of game where you have to send a message like in the first and second quarter, the first half, hit him a couple of times where it’s a little past the whistle. Like, let him know you’re around. Get those knock downs, get those hits on him, make him aware that you’re coming after him.”

“I’m saying you’re gonna take the hit, you’re going to hit him late and you’re going to get a flag called on you for hitting him late… It’s one of those games where you’re like in the first half, you know what, if it’s close and you get a good… I’m not saying dirty, but questionable.”

I think it's safe to say Kanell didn't think this one through, if that is even possible for him.  You can send a message before the whistle blows.  To suggest the Broncos take shots at Brady after the whistle is not just dirty, it's idiotic.

Late hits aren't going to rattle Brady, stop his offense from moving the ball.  That's the strongest message you can send.

Somebody should take some late hits on Kanell.

(h/t Awful Announcing)