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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Antwaan Randle El Regrets Playing Football

Antwaan Randle El said he regrets playing football and wishes he played baseball instead, via The Washington Post:
"I wish I could go back, I wouldn’t” play football, he told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in a Steelers-themed project posted Tuesday. “I would play baseball. I got drafted by the Cubs in the 14th round, but I didn’t play baseball because of my parents. They made me go to school. Don’t get me wrong, I love the game of football. But right now, I could still be playing baseball.”
What an excuse, "my parents made me go to school."  Like you can't go to school and play baseball.

I'm really starting to worry about these guys who didn't think there were any long term problems from head injuries.  Are you kidding me?

I don't buy these former players who claim they didn't know the risks of playing a sport that has the degree of violence football does.

Randle El last played in the NFL in 2010 and claims he is already suffering memory loss and difficulty walking down stairs.
“I have to come down sideways sometimes, depending on the day” — and has serious memory lapses. 
“I ask my wife things over and over again, and she’s like, ‘I just told you that,’ ” Randle El told the Post-Gazette. “I’ll ask her three times the night before and get up in the morning and forget. Stuff like that. I try to chalk it up as I’m busy, I’m doing a lot, but I have to be on my knees praying about it, asking God to allow me to not have these issues and live a long life. I want to see my kids raised up. I want to see my grandkids.”
It's not that I don't feel bad for what these guys are going through.  I just don't buy that they didn't know banging their heads into things is bad for them.

They knew the risks and then when the shit hits the fan they want someone else to do something about it.  Nobody made you play football.  You could have easily gone to school and played baseball after being drafted.

You decided to play football and now you have to live with that decision.