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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Another Dumbass Letter Trashing Cam Newton

Following the Panthers win over the Seahawks on Sunday Cam Newton took a victory lap around the field.  During this trip around the field a Seahawks fan dropped his 12th man flag down and waved it in Cam's face.  So Cam did what he should've done after the disrespect in his house, he took it and tossed it like the piece of trash it is.

That didn't sit well with butt hurt loser Seahawks fans and one decided to write a dumbness letter.

You don't sound like winners.  You sound like sore losers.  All that charity work by the "12's" should be commended.  Cam does plenty of his own charity work as well.

Tossing the flag was in direct response to the dumb loser fan dropping it down and waving it in Cam's face.  That's disrespectful and that's why the flag was rightfully thrown to the ground.

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