Thursday, August 25, 2016

Meet Instagram Hottie Vivi Estrada

Hope Solo Finally Found A Way To Receive A Lengthy Suspension From U.S. Soccer

Not an arrest for domestic violence in 2014 or her husband receiving a DUI while driving the team's soccer van in 2015 got Hope Solo suspended as long as calling an opponent "cowards."  I guess that's the line that shall not be crossed, that or it's a third strike of some sorts.

Gary Sanchez Hit Another Homerun And Was Then Intentionally Walked Twice

The Chargers And Joey Bosa Are Still Fighting Like Children

The Chargers issued a statement on the current Joey Bosa situation.  The number 3 overall pick turned down their latest offer and the standoff has gone public.

Yu Darvish Hit A Homerun In Cincinnati

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Mexican League Pitcher Goes Full Kenny Powers, Flips Off Hitter Mid Windup And The Daily Links

Mexican League Pitcher Goes Full Kenny Powers, Flips Of Hitter Middle Windup- Guy Hut

RGIII Brought His New Chick To Training Camp- Terez Owens

Philly Radio Station Has Black Regular Caller Exposed As White Producer- Crossing Broad 

Mets Announcer Had Syndergaard Hair Back Into The Day- Bob's Blitz

Preseason Legend Dak Prescott- DYST Now

Carissa Rosario Jumped A Little Rope and Shared Her Butt Workout For Playboy

Ed Werder Thinks The Cowboys Are Going To Have A QB Controversy Soon

Bella Thorne Is Making Out With Chicks On the Internet Now

Jon Jones Hanging Out With Snoop Dogg Is Probably A Good Idea