Thursday, February 23, 2017

Behind The Scenes Look At Nina Agdal's Maxim Photo Shoot

Jameis Winston's Pep Talk To Kids Coming Under Fire

How To Tell If You're A Basic Bitch and The Daily Links

How To Tell If You're A Basic Bitch- @CollegeHumor

Serena Williams Is A Thong Girl Now- Terez Owens

Bella Thorne In Blackface?- Drunken Stepfather

Awesome Glory Hole in California- Bob's Blitz

Fox Sports Live Got Cancelled- The Spun

Tom Brady Injured His Shoulder Skiing When He "French Fried When He Should Have Pizza'd"

Justin Verlander Doesn't Have Sex Before A Game

Angry Vols Fan Shows Himself Out After He Tossed A Water Bottle At Vanderbilt's Bench

Cheerleader Gets Arrested For DUI After Doing Cartwheels During Her Field Sobriety Test

Ducks Defenseman Josh Manson Blew Up Bruins Brad Marchand With A Big Open Ice Hit

David Ross Is Coming Out of Retirement

Recently retired catcher David Ross is coming out of retirement.  But not to rejoin the Cubs and make a run at back to back World Series title.

Diaper Wearing Coward Rick Pitino Couldn't Take Heckling From A Carolina Fan