Saturday, October 22, 2016

Penn State Upset Number 2 Ohio State In Happy Valley

Penn State upset Number 2 Ohio State in Happy Valley.  Penn State scored 17 unanswered 4th quarter points, capped off by a blocked field goal returned for a touchdown to beat OSU 24-21.

The Buckeyes are undefeated no more!

Huge win for James Franklin.

Singer John Vincent Sang The National Anthem Before Game 6 Of The NLCS

Speedy Noil Lost A Tooth During A Huge Helmet To Helmet

The Bills Pranked Assistant Defensive Backs Coach Ed Reed With Goats

I love this goats in the office prank the Bills pulled on assistant defensive backs coach Ed Reed.  Goats make everything better, pranks included.

Curt Schilling Asked CNN's Jake Tapper Why Jews Vote For Democrats